Quest for the Sundered Crown on sale now!

It's book 3 in the saga's turn for the sale treatment! I hope you've been enjoying the other books in the series and please leave reviews on Amazon, Goodreads etc... every one helps. Get Quest for the Sundered Crown for just 0.99p/c until May 31st. -


The First Fear Audiobook

Hi everyone, just letting you know that the audiobook version of The First Fear will be available to purchase very soon! I'll post an update once I get the firm release date from ACX. For now though here's a sneak peak  - Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, oh and please subscribe to my mailing list for the latest … Continue reading The First Fear Audiobook

The Summer Sale ends with the Sundered Crown Boxset!

The 2018 summer sale ends on August 19th and from today (14th) the Sundered Crown Boxset is on sale for the massively discounted price of just 0.99p/c on Amazon Kindle. --- The first three books in the epic Sundered Crown Saga plus The Nightblade prequel novella. The royal family of Delfinnia is assassinated, sparking a conflict that engulfs … Continue reading The Summer Sale ends with the Sundered Crown Boxset!