Excellent Reviews for Voyage for the Sundered Crown

Voyage for the Sundered Crown has been out for almost 1 month already and it’s been getting some excellent feedback! A huge thank you to everyone that has been kind enough to post a review. Here’s just a few below. Oh, and get your copy of the book from Amazon or other retailers. The book is also now available in paperback format which you get HERE

I’ve recently been working on some new maps for the world in which my fantasy books are set. The map above is Esperia, the setting for the Sundered Crown Saga and the Empowered Ones. I have a tonne of ideas for more tales and stories in this world and I am planning an entirely new series set on the continent of Somnio. Take a guess as to the theme (there’s a clue in Voyage for the Sundered Crown). My ultimate aim is to eventually do a massive cross over but that’s a long ways away. 

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Fantasy map making – The most detailed map of Delfinnia

One of the most fun parts of creating fantasy stories is the worldbuilding. Maps in particular are always a lot of fun and allow the imagination to run free and are a huge assistance to an author. I use maps to know the locations of places, the distances characters will have to traverse and the terrain that will be used for battle and action scenes.

The map below was made with Wonderdraft and is the most detailed map of Delfinnia, the main landmass in the Sundered Crown Saga.

Now, the map below is something special as it finally puts into one image my plans for my fantasy series. If you look closely you may notice that there quite a few lands that have yet to be mentioned and one that is the setting for the Empowered Ones series. Yep, all my stories are set on the same magical planet of Esperia, or the Esperverse as I’ve come to call it.

The world map. Not to scale as the oceans are far larger than depicted here. (I ran out of space!)

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