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Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well and not letting these lockdowns and general global rubbishness get you down.
 One good thing about these lockdowns is the extra spare time I have. For a long time I’ve wanted to put together a book that covers the lore and history of the world in which my fantasy novels are set.
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2020 has been rubbish for many and Halloween for many has effectively been cancelled because of Covid-19, which is why I thought I’d give you, my wonderful readers a FREE gift as compensation for not being able to party or go Trick or Treating. I hope you enjoy this chilling mystery fantasy tale. If you’re a fan of the Sundered Crown Saga then you’ll enjoy this. 

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Fantasy Worlds- A New Map

Hi everyone, I’m currently working on the blog post regarding magic systems but in the meantime, I thought I would share with you one of the updated maps for the Sundered Crown Saga. Previously I used Campaign Cartographer3 to create the maps, but always found it a bit fiddly to use. For these new maps, I’ve used Inkarnate a free to use online resource that is simple to use and delivers a great end result.  Check out the new map for Delfinnia below-

Let me know what you think in the comments! I’ll be posting up more new maps over the coming weeks as well as revealing the new look cover for Quest for the Sundered Crown. I’ll be updating my new Writing Fantasy blog later this week so stay tuned.

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Monsters, Guilds and Beasts Part 1 – Fell Beasts of the Void

This series of blog posts will focus on the various creatures, heroes and guilds that inhabit the world of Esperia and in particular the Kingdom of Delfinnia. This first section will focus on the Fell Beasts of the void.

What are Fell Beasts?

‘Fell Beasts are the scourge of this world. Made by a mad god and unleashed by a foolish mage, no other plague has slain so many and brought so much pain to the realms of men’ – Ferran of BlackMoor, Nightblade.

The Fell Beasts were created before man. A war between gods ended in a stalemate. In order to break the impasse the gods made a wager. Whoever could create the strongest creature would be declared the winner. The god of balance and order created men, beings strong and gifted with magic. The mad god Vectrix, however created the Void and the Fell Beasts. The creatures were imbued with Vectrix’s powers, a power that the mages call void magic.

Mankind waged war upon the beasts until finally they achieved victory and the god of balance banished Vectrix and his abominations into the void.

Only two men were left by the war’s end. Niveren and his brother, Danon. As thanks for their heroism the gods gifted Niveren and Danon with wives and created more people for them to share the world with.

Centuries passed and mankind began to forget the tales of old. A mage whose name was lost to history, accidentally opened up a portal, a portal to the void. Fell beasts swarmed through the breach and as more flooded into reality the barriers between the real world and the void fractured. To counter the threat the kingdoms of mankind united to battle the threat. Millions perished and all hope seemed lost until monster hunters skilled with magic entered the fray. With the Nightblades at their side the armies of men culled the Fell Beasts numbers enough to allow the wizard Aljeron to seal the breach. Despite his best efforts however the damage was done and Fell Beasts still slip into the real world from time to time.

Types of Fell Beasts

Fell Beasts come in different shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common is their lust for human flesh. Normal weaponry cannot slay a Fell Beast, only weapons made of silver, pure metals or magic can do so. A typical King’s Legion soldier is equipped with both steel and silver weaponry. The Nightblades weapon of choice, the Tourmaline blade is perfect for the task. Such weapons are made of pure magical energy powered by the tourmaline crystals affixed to the hilt and summoned to life by the magic of the Nightblade.



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Small goblin like creatures that are covered in brown razor sharp fur. Their eyes are bulbous and yellow and their mouths are filled with dagger like teeth. Their small size means that they are not much of a threat on their own but Pucks very rarely hunt alone. Puck packs can number from a dozen to thousands. If a pack descends upon a village or undefended town then it will leave no-one alive.



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Perhaps the most feared of all Fell Beasts is the Banshee. These haunting beasts are more comprised of magic then flesh. They often haunt the moorlands, marshes and woods of the world, praying on any unwary travellers that stray into their hunting grounds. Their most distinguishable feature is their scream which paralyses its prey. Instead of eating their prey, a Banshee instead will absorb the energy from its victim. Banshees also have the ability to turn its prey into another Banshee.

‘You can always tell when a Banshee is near. The air grows icy cold and the hairs on your neck stand on end…then comes the scream’ – Sophia Cunning, Witch Hunter.




Goblins are perhaps the most common of the Fell Beasts and the ones most similar to men. They are quite intelligent and have the ability to craft crude weaponry and perform complex strategies. When fighting Goblins, Legion commanders have compared them to battling human foes. Goblins live deep underground, rising to the surface only to hunt at night. Finding goblin lairs is the primary job of the Nightblades. The most powerful of goblin kind are the Redcaps, these goblins wear caps coated with human blood and appear to act as the leaders of goblin clans.


monster_iv_by_tenmoom-d4hg9c8 (1)

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These behemoths are thankfully incredibly rare. The size of a castle and with hides like iron these creatures have dealt untold devastation to cities across the world of Esperia. In appearance they look like massive four legged horned beasts with cavernous mouths full of thousands of needle like teeth. The last to have appeared in Delfinnia was three hundred years ago and was responsible for almost destroying the city of BlackMoor. Whole armies have gone against them only to be consumed. In the Magic Wars it was said that the dark mages used these creatures to assault enemy fortresses.



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The ultimate killing machines. These foul creatures are bi-peds that stand taller than a man. They are hideous to behold with features straight out of a nightmare. As well as their deadly jaws the Negrist have razor blades instead of arms and are covered in poisonous hairs. They are also gifted with powerful void magic’s which enable them to blend in with their surroundings and resist magic’s used against them by mages or Nightblades.



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Dragons are not true Fell beasts but instead victims of a great betrayal at the dawn of time. Legends say that the mighty creatures were the first to have been made by the first Goddess Aniron. They were gifted with immense magical power and knowledge and defended the world of their creator. Their dominance was short-lived however as Vectrix, jealous of Aniron’s love for them banished them to the void. Due to their immortality it is said that the dragons still live and are biding their time to escape their prison.

Part 2 will focus on the various guilds that inhabit the world of Esperia.

Creating Worlds – The World of Esperia & the Kingdom of Delfinnia Part 2

Creating Worlds – The World of Esperia & the Kingdom of Delfinnia Part 2

Previously, I wrote about the fun of world building, of how real life events and history has inspired me. In this post, I will be going into a bit more depth about how to introduce the little things that can make a fantasy world more believable.


No good fantasy story should be devoid of political intrigue and the world I created for the Sundered Crown Saga is full of it. Scheming barons, stupid lords and wicked villains all compete against one another for the lands greatest prize, the Sundered Crown.

In Heir, the main political narrative focuses on the aftermath of a king’s assassination and the power struggle that follows it.

For inspiration on the dirty dealings of power mad folks, simply watch the tv. With the UK general election coming up we will see perfect examples of dirty dealing, mudslinging and political wrangling, (hopefully, it will not end up with the leaders all fighting each other in mortal combat…hmm actually that sounds appealing and would make things a lot more interesting).

History in particular, is a great place to look for inspiration. Kings and Emperors were often overthrown by others greedy for the top job. George RR Martins Game of Thrones is the perfect example of a fantasy writer being influenced by real events. In GOT’s case the English War of the Roses.

Daily Life

How do the people live in your fantasy world? Is there a feudal system in place, which sees peasents being the slaves of the richer classes, or is people more equal? In my books, the realm of Delfinnia is more like the latter. People are not restrained by their birth and if they are talented enough, they can rise to the top.

To make a world more believable you should show how folks go about their daily lives. What jobs do they do? Where do they go for entertainment? Little things like make a world feel alive and a lot more believable to a reader.


The best part about writing fantasy (in my opinion) is that you can let your imagination go wild when it comes to the creatures that inhabit it. The best example in the Sundered Crown Saga of that are the Fell Beasts of the Void. These monsters enter into the mortal world through breeches in the fabric of reality (magic, nuff said).

I based a few of the creatures on monsters from real life fairy tales and legends. Banshees, Goblins and Pucks are the most common but for book two there are a few that, I created from my own imagination. Keep an eye out for the Nightstalkers and Gargantuans!

Do you have any tips or advice for world building? Let me know in the comments or leave me a message on Facebook or Twitter.



Character Profiles HTTSC Part Eight – Luxon Edioz

The boy that would become known as Luxon the Legendary, the boy who would grow up to be the first wizard seen in the world for a century.

Luxon was born in Delfinnia’s capital city of Sunguard. His father, Garrick had been a noble in the King’s court and his mother Drusilla a woman who had always been something of a mystery. His early life was spent playing in the wealthy part of the city. At a young age he excelled at academic studies and loved to learn the old tales of the land.

His mother was often away, she would disappear for long periods of time, but always she would return. Luxon was close to his father and on several occasions squired for him when he was in meetings or sent away on diplomatic missions.

Strangely for such a young man Luxon was well travelled, having accompanied his father around the kingdom and one time he had travelled to the far western city of BlackMoor with his mother to visit one of her friends.

Luxon had no inkling that magic was in him until the fateful night when the King and the royal family were assassinated. In the confusion that followed Luxon’s father was arrested by the Baron of Retbit. Garrick had told the Privy Council that he had seen a girl carrying a baby out of the city. He had helped her flee the city; knowing that the child was of royal birth; the baby was Alderlade, the Fifth in line to the throne.

Retbit seeking to take power for him-self threw Garrick in chains, branded him a liar and promptly had him executed. Luxon was powerless to save his father and he too would have been taken by the baron’s men had it not been for his mother. She snuck them out of the city and fled north. On the journey she revealed to her son a secret. Magic was in him and that he would be safe in the Mage realm of Caldaria in the north.

After a long journey, the two arrived at the city gates. Drusilla pushed a token into her son’s hand, kissed him goodbye and left him. Luxon begged her not to leave him but she pried his hands from her leg and told him to be brave. That was the last time he saw her.

After that, the mages allowed him into the city, the token showing the mages that he was one of them. He was quickly enrolled into the Mage School. With no knowledge of magic, it took him several weeks before the Masters were able to awaken Luxon’s power. It proved to be far stronger than anyone had suspected.

As the years passed, Luxon became good friends with another boy named Yepert. The two got into mischief and made an enemy of the baron of Retbit’s son, Accadus. Luxon’s rivalry with Accadus was fierce as they both tried to outdo each other.

In Heir to the Sundered Crown we meet Luxon on the eve of when he discovers his true power. A power that will change the world forever.

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