Character Profile – Faramond Keenblade


The second son of King Thoris of the Keenblade tribe, Faramond had little prospect of becoming the leader of his people.

From childhood he was trained in the ways of his people. Archery, horsemanship and the ways of the sword became second nature to him just as it was to the other warriors of the Great Plains.

The tribes of the plains often clashed with each other and on the rare occasions that they set aside their differences they would fight the armies of Delfinnia. At the age of just 10 Faramond rode with his father and brother in the vanguard of his people against the Delfinnian fortress known as the Watchers.

For centuries the tribes experienced a mixed relationship with the Kingdom of Delfinnia. At times the tribes had fought in the Delfinnian armies as mercenaries, whilst in others they waged war upon them. The wars against the realm often came in times of famine or desperation for the tribal people. Knowing this, the Delfinnian Kings would pay off the tribes with food and gold, and once again the tribes would return to their nomadic way of life.

At the age of sixteen the Yundols invaded Delfinnia. With the situation growing desperate in the East the king of Delfinnia begged the tribes for aid against the foreign attackers. After a long meeting of the tribal kings it was decided that the tribes would ride to their foes aid. In return they demanded that Delfinnia reclaim a city at the far western edge of the plains. The city known as Stormglade.

It had once been place for the tribes to gather in safety in times of famine or war. Now however it was in the hands of the self proclaimed Merchant Kings, men formerly of the King’s legion who had deserted and sought to carve out a realm for themselves. For decades the city had been a thorn in the side of the tribes.

For the first time since the days of Marcus the Mighty the Watchers threw open its gates and allowed the tribal horde to pass through freely.

Faramond and his elder brother Rafin led the Keenblade tribe into battle and at the battle of the Marble Shore the skill of the tribal horse archers won Delfinnia a great victory. The war raged on for years and by its end Rafin was dead and Faramond very much changed.

Bringing the body of his brother home, Faramond had to watch as his father went mad from greif. With their King broken it was up to the only surviving heir to step up to the challenge of leadership.

Delfinnia kept its word and built the city the tribes had requested but that was as far as the realms gratitude ended. The heavy gates of the Watchers were sealed shut yet again and the tribes left to wander and brave the many perils of the Great Plains. As for reclaiming Stormglade, Delfinnia broke its promise.

Shortly after the war against the Yundols, the tribes were hit by famine and war. Faramond took the title of heir and soon proved himself a skilled leader of men. The Keenblade people survived because of his leadership.

Now his people face a new threat. One that has come from across the sea. Strange ships have landed on the coast and the city of Stormglade has fallen into darkness. Tales of wicked magic’s being practised behind its gates have caused some to believe that the dark one, Danon took refuge there after his defeat at Eclin.

The tribes are fearful and on the move, as this strange evil hunts them across the vastness of the plains. Knowing that his people are in deadly peril Faramond led his people East to the fortress of the Watchers in a desperate attempt to find them safety. It is there that we will first meet Faramond in Asphodel: Book Two in the Sundered Crown Saga.

Faramond is brave beyond measure but has a temper that has often led to him getting fights, luckily his martial skills have kept him alive…so far.

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