An Update and some Book Promotion News

A new job and a book promotion

Hello, it’s been awhile since the last blog post I know, but I have had a very good reason. I landed a new and better job and so this past month my efforts have been concentrated on the big move from Cornwall to Bristol and settling into my new role as copywriter at PGI. So far things are going well and I’m getting into a routine which means I will be able to get back to the book writing soon.


Book sale starts Saturday

Also, from the 1st of August my publisher Firebound Books is having its first summer sale, and to kick things off is none other than Heir to the Sundered Crown. From the 1st to the 8th the book will be available to download for just 99p in the UK and will be just 99 cents in the USA.

For those of you waiting patiently for the next part in the Sundered Crown Saga, War for the Sundered Crown, fear not, I’m still hoping to get it finished by the end of this year and to my Wattpad fans, I also hope to finish off Terran Defenders Resurrection

Every week in August, get a Firebound fantasy or sci fi novel for only 99c! The fun kicks off on August 1st with M.S. Olney’s epic fantasy Heir to the Sundered Crown. And on August 8th you can grab Kate Cudahy’s Hannac, the sequel toHal.

Stay tuned for more amazing deals in the upcoming weeks!

Firebound Books

I’ve mentioned this a few times but now things are coming together nicely! Me, Rob May and a few other writers have joined forces to create a new publishing house which focuses on Fantasy and Science Fiction.

As well as Heir to the Sundered Crown and the soon to be released Terran Defenders: Genesis available under Firebounds name there are the Kal Moonheart Series and Alien Disaster series from Rob May. Also released is Hal and its sequel Hannac by Kate Cudahy.

Check them out if you love adventure!

Published by Firebound Books

dragon killer

Dragon Killer- By Rob May

Kalina Moonheart – adventurer, gambler and thief – makes a good living working for her patron, the wealthy senator Benedict Godsword. But a mysterious threat to Ben’s fortune puts Kal on a collision course with terrors she thought she had left buried in her past.

Teaming up with a young guard captain, Rafe Firehand, she travels to a dragon-haunted island to hunt down a murderous beast. Once there, Kal soon discovers there are worse things in the world than dragons, and when an unexpected sequence of events leaves her in an impossible situation, she must summon every ounce of skill, cunning and strength in order to survive.


“A thrill-packed ride”


“Imagine a female James Bond or Han Solo in a fantasy world, and you’ll have Kal Moonheart”

Available now!


Kal Moonheart Trilogy

The first three Kal Moonheart books: epic fantasy adventures that will take Kal from the tallest mountains to the deepest seas, and from the darkest dungeons to the highest halls of power. All the traditional fantasy elements are here, but packaged like a modern thriller, with dangerous action and unpredictable plots.



A disinherited aristocrat, Halanya Thæc has been brought up in the confines of the imperial court, destined for a life of privilege and luxury. Yet Hal is happiest with a sword in her hand, and forsakes her status as ward to become a professional duellist, spending her days in training, her nights revelling, famed for her prowess in the capital’s duelling arena.

All of that changes when Hal falls in love with Meracad Léac, the freedom-craving daughter of a wealthy merchant. Meracad’s father will stop at nothing to ensure his own wealth and position, and plans to marry Meracad to Bruno Nérac, a powerful northern lord. Hal’s world is about to be thrown into chaos when she sets out to save the woman she loves …


“Tension-filled scenes with beautifully executed dialogue and description”


“A wonderful read. There’s constant excitement”

For more information on Firebound Books check out the website at

There are many more exciting projects on the horizon!