New Covers for the Sundered Crown Saga

Hi all, I’m delighted to reveal the new covers for the Sundered Crown Saga!

For a long time I’ve not been happy with the book covers for the Sundered Crown Saga. They looked a bit boring and didn’t convey the action and adventure that lay within. 

So, back in August I went on the search for a new cover artist who could breathe new life into the books ahead of the release of book 4 in November. (If you’ve not pre-ordered Voyage for the Sundered Crown go and do it!) 

The artist I discovered is a very talented chap from Vietnam who has an incredible back catalogue of work and has been a joy to work with. Below you can see the various stages of the process, the final cover for Book 1 and the other new covers in the series. 

The paperback editions will have the new covers too! Do you like them? Let me know!

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The Summer Sale Begins!

The Summer is finally here and like every year it’s time for my Summer Sale! To start things off we have Heir to the Sundered Crown, Book 1 in the Sundered Crown Saga. What better way to start the summer than to start a new epic adventure! Get it for just 0.99p/c until June 8th perfect timing if you’re taking part in this years IFA summer reading challenge.

The Sundered Crown Saga (1)

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The Sundered Crown Saga Sale!


The holidays are approaching so what better time to pick up some books. The first three books in my Sundered Crown Saga are on sale for just 0.99p/c via Kindle until November 19th. If you’ve already got Heir, now is the perfect time to get the others!

If you’ve already got Heir, now is the perfect time to get the others!
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The New Look Sundered Crown Saga

The New Look Sundered Crown Saga

Hi everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on book 3 of the Sundered Crown Saga and am pleased to announce the all new look for the series. These new covers will be for both E-book and paperback editions of the books.


As well as the new look I will soon be announcing the release of The Sundered Crown Saga 1-3 Box set which will be available to purchase on Amazon in August.

Pre-order Quest for the Sundered Crown

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Other News
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A Great Review

The kind folks at eleven media were kind enough to do a review of Heir to the Sundered Crown. 

‘A review of Heir to the Sundered Crown, the first book in a fantasy series written by Matthew Olney. This book focuses on a world on the brink of anarchy as a massive power struggle consumes the land. With the royal family assassinated while they sleep, the only heir missing and presumed dead and the fractious barons fighting for the power to rule this land is in serious peril. Worse still, is that above the civil war, high in the mountains of the north, something old and powerful is awakening, something that could lay to waste the world of men. Men and women from all walks of life from across this world will be drawn together to try and combat this growing evil, but is it destiny drawing them together, or something far more sinister.

Why I like this book: One of the things I absolutely hate in fantasy, is when people fall into the Tolkien trap. Elves, Orcs and Goblins have become so prevalent that they frequently appear in fantasy novels for lack of any other enemies to include. So, I was overjoyed to find a ranger being chased in the woods, not by orcs or goblins, but by werewolves. Olney has gone in for Germanic and Scandinavian mythology heavily here, with werewolves, the undead, and even a lich. As if inclusion of some of my favourite folklore wasn’t enough I enjoyed the story thoroughly and felt sympathy for the main characters as they met obstacles at every turn and were always playing catch-up to the villains.

Why I like this author: Matthew Olney contacted me on LinkedIn and asked if I could review his book if he sent a review copy. I said yes straight away and tore through the book in a matter of days. The indie author reviews section, and submission section of the site, is something I want to expand and it made me really happy that someone came forward to ask for a review. Matthew was easy to work with, responding to questions and queries promptly and was very facilitating. You will find a link to his author site under the outgoing links on Eleven Media, and I hope to get a chance to work with him again in the future.

Favourite character: This slot has to go to Umbaroth. I won’t tell you much about him, but he’s one of my favourite characters, a gentle soul in a ferocious form. This is exemplified when he is playing with children in the desert, taking great care not to injure them with his claws. I haven’t read passed the first book but I really hope Umbaroth returns to the story in the future.

Why I think people should read this book: If you are after a medieval fantasy epic then you cannot go wrong choosing this book. The mythology is refreshing after a slew of orcs and goblins, the characters are a likeable bunch, and despite common fantasy tropes appearing they are used effectively by the author. The book has a lot of separate plots and points of view but each comes to a satisfying conclusion at the end of the book and none of them feel superfluous.’

Don’t forget that book 2 of the Sundered Crown Saga is available to buy now!

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New 5-Star Review of Heir to the Sundered Crown!

A fantastic review for my book 🙂
5.0 out of 5 stars A new Tolkien?, 24 Oct. 2015
By Sue Denim
This review is from: Heir to the Sundered Crown (The Sundered Crown Saga Book 1) (Kindle Edition)
I’m an old school Tolkien, Tennyson, Coleridge, Wodehouse etc. fan and usually can’t be bothered reading anything modern. I read this from cover to cover in two days. It has all the ingredients that I enjoy, including an engaging storyline with a plethora of well thought out characters. In fact a whole world with its own history, geography, kingdoms, tribes, cultures and geopolitics. The author clearly has an understanding of people, politics, martial arts, martial strategy and many other things that constitute worlds, whether they be real or imaginary.
There is a flavour of Middle Earth, Arthurian legend, Merlin, Mabinogion, Grimoire, Bestiarum Vocabulum, creation myth, and more. I have to take issue with the reviewer who describes his experience of this work as spoiled due to cliché, grammatical and spelling errata (suggesting that others should avoid reading the book due to this). If love, war, triumph and disaster are perceived by some as cliché then they are deserving of our sympathy.
There were minor grammatical issues and Americanisms in the version I read, but were many to choose between format perfection and the rarity of a lively and engaging story, well told; the latter would triumph every time. Similarly the use of extensive vocabulary did not suggest any clumsy use of the thesaurus, just a command of an extended vocabulary. The grammar issues can easily be fixed, just take someone with grade A English from Oxford or Cambridge and set them to work. Shakespeare and Chaucer predated the grammar Czars and persist; I’d prefer a literary sirloin steak in brown paper to a literary “big-mac” dolloped on a grammatical silver platter. Creeping Americanism has existed pre-Wodehouse (they actually put their tea in a bag!). I think it’s best to accept evolution and not spill one’s Bordeaux over a pleonasm or split infinitive to immerse oneself in a well crafted fantastical world. Let’s not consign this rising author to the dustbin.
Enjoy the subterfuge, the tides of battle, envelop yourselves in the developing parallel storylines. Knights, witches, barons, kings, dragons, maidens, werewolves, banshees, castles and citadels await!. The author has created a solid foundation for all manner of future adventures, much as Tolkien did. I look forward to experiencing them and so should you.
*You can buy Heir to the Sundered Crown here

and can pre-order War for the Sundered Crown here (release date is November 20th)

Sale Success and a Huge Thank you!

Woah! My book sale has surpassed all expectations. Nearly 200 copies downloaded so far! A massive thank you to everyone whose bought a copy of Heir to the Sundered Crown.

Also, as of writing this, Heir to the Sundered Crown is now ranking number 4 in War & Military Action Fiction, and number 6 in Epic Fantasy in the UK. It’s also ranking number 272 in the overall Kindle list.

The Firebound Books Summer sale continues with Kate Cudahy’s Hannac.