The Summer Sale Continues with Heir to the Sundered Crown

The Summer Sale is already in its third week and this week book 1 in the Sundered Crown Saga is on sale for just 0.99p/c.

First in a series: The Kingdom of Delfinnia is plunged into darkness after its royal family is assassinated. When Luxon emerges as the first wizard in a century, he’ll have to join a band of noble allies and fulfill his destiny as the prophesied hero. Perfect for fans of Raymond E. Feist!


A realm torn asunder by civil war will give rise to a hero. The Kingdom of Delfinnia is in chaos. After Assassins kill the king and his family, the barons now battle one another for the crown. Unknown to them, one heir yet lives. As the civil war worsens, dark things begin to stir in the vast Eclin mountains.

Horrors long thought destroyed have returned and led by an ancient evil begin to march upon the war-torn kingdom. Meanwhile, in the mage city of Caldaria and as all hope seems lost, a young man named Luxon will discover his powers. The first wizard for a century, he is the man who will one day be known as the Legendary and the hero will give the realm its greatest king.

Sent on a quest to find the hidden heir, Luxon teams up with the legendary monster slayer, Ferran of BlackMoor, the deadly yet beautiful Witch Hunter Sophia Cunning and the noble Knight of Niveren, Kaiden of the Marble shore.

Together they travel the realm battling deadly monsters, assassins, and the most feared enemies of them all, the servants of the dark lord Danon himself, the evil N’Gist cult.

The Heir to the Sundered Crown is a heroic fantasy tale filled with action, battles and magic that will ignite the imagination and set the stage for an epic confrontation between the light and the darkness.

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The power of Bookbub

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post about the writing process so I thought I’d share with you all the results of my recent Bookbub promotion and how it took Heir to the Sundered Crown to bestseller status in the Sword and Sorcery Category in four countries on Amazon.

What is Bookbub?

So what is Bookbub exactly? Well, it’s a promotion site, the promotion site for books. Landing a US featured deal is like winning the lottery and it took me 4 years of persistent trying to get my book chosen for one.

The official description is: BookBub is a book discovery service that was created to help readers find new books and authors. The company features free and discounted ebooks selected by its editorial team, as well as book recommendations, updates from authors, and articles about books.

An author needs to sign up and create an account before listing their books to their Bookbub profile. (Follow me by clicking HERE) Once that’s done you then need to add the links to the various store fronts (if wide) that your book is sold on. If you’re a Kindle Unlimited author then you will only need to add the Amazon link.

Bookbub sends out emails everyday listed books that it chose for a featured deal and depending on what type of deal your book will be put in front of millions of subscribers. I’ve written about other services before such as Fussy Librarian etc, but Bookbub beats all of those by a wide margin in terms of guaranteed return on investment.

What also makes Bookbub standout is there use of expert editorial teams to choose what books would make the best fit for that days promotion. By using data they assess what type of books are in demand and which ones have the best chance at success.

BookBub notifies its subscribers about free and deeply discounted ebook recommendations selected by its expert editorial team, from bestsellers to hidden gems.

How to get chosen

Now this is a much sought after secret and Bookbub knows this. They have several guides on their site about what gives your book the best chance of being picked but with so many authors clamouring to get a deal the chance you’ll get picked is low. As I said, it took me 4 years of trying to get one!

Heir to the Sundered Crown was first released way back in 2014 but finally achieved over 60 reviews only recently. (If you’ve read it please review it!!!) Reviews help massively in the selection process as does making your book page on the relevant book stores look professional.

During the application process I also mentioned that the book was part of a planned promotion, something that I also think helped it be chosen. My promotion was for the book to be on sale for 0.99p/c.

Cost and Results

For the promotion I got it cost me just shy of £450 or $700, very pricey and a cost that I have to admit made my palms sweat a bit, but as they say you have to spend money to make money. The promotion went out on February 19th and at the time of writing this I have covered my costs and made a nice bit of profit.

Sales wise here are the totals so far –

Amazon (All nations) – 1,258

Wide (Apple, Nook, Kobo, Google) – 406

Total – 1664

Not a bad number and sales are continuing with every passing hour. On the initial promo date the book shot to the top of several genre lists and bagged a best seller badge on Amazon in multiple countries. What was of even greater interest is that my other books began to shift units as well, even the full priced ones. Audiobooks too began to sell with the number of them being sold doubling!

Get Heir to the Sundered Crown on Audio

It won’t be for another month or two until I get the sales data for those but it’s looking good. Another benefit I’m hoping for is that sale through for the Sundered Crown Saga will continue and that readers enjoy Heir enough to buy the rest of the series and maybe try some of my other books.

I won’t know the full impact of the Bookbub deal for another week at least as some of the stores data recording is a little slow, but overall I am very happy with the results of the deal.

Have you had a Bookbub featured deal? What was your experience of it? Let me know in the comments below.

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New Covers for the Sundered Crown Saga

Hi all, I’m delighted to reveal the new covers for the Sundered Crown Saga!

For a long time I’ve not been happy with the book covers for the Sundered Crown Saga. They looked a bit boring and didn’t convey the action and adventure that lay within. 

So, back in August I went on the search for a new cover artist who could breathe new life into the books ahead of the release of book 4 in November. (If you’ve not pre-ordered Voyage for the Sundered Crown go and do it!) 

The artist I discovered is a very talented chap from Vietnam who has an incredible back catalogue of work and has been a joy to work with. Below you can see the various stages of the process, the final cover for Book 1 and the other new covers in the series. 

The paperback editions will have the new covers too! Do you like them? Let me know!

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The Summer Sale Begins!

The Summer is finally here and like every year it’s time for my Summer Sale! To start things off we have Heir to the Sundered Crown, Book 1 in the Sundered Crown Saga. What better way to start the summer than to start a new epic adventure! Get it for just 0.99p/c until June 8th perfect timing if you’re taking part in this years IFA summer reading challenge.

The Sundered Crown Saga (1)

Get Heir to the Sundered Crown on Amazon or other retailers.


The Sundered Crown Saga Sale!


The holidays are approaching so what better time to pick up some books. The first three books in my Sundered Crown Saga are on sale for just 0.99p/c via Kindle until November 19th. If you’ve already got Heir, now is the perfect time to get the others!

If you’ve already got Heir, now is the perfect time to get the others!
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The New Look Sundered Crown Saga

The New Look Sundered Crown Saga

Hi everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on book 3 of the Sundered Crown Saga and am pleased to announce the all new look for the series. These new covers will be for both E-book and paperback editions of the books.


As well as the new look I will soon be announcing the release of The Sundered Crown Saga 1-3 Box set which will be available to purchase on Amazon in August.

Pre-order Quest for the Sundered Crown

You can pre-order Quest for the Sundered Crown from Amazon now –

Other News
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A Great Review

The kind folks at eleven media were kind enough to do a review of Heir to the Sundered Crown. 

‘A review of Heir to the Sundered Crown, the first book in a fantasy series written by Matthew Olney. This book focuses on a world on the brink of anarchy as a massive power struggle consumes the land. With the royal family assassinated while they sleep, the only heir missing and presumed dead and the fractious barons fighting for the power to rule this land is in serious peril. Worse still, is that above the civil war, high in the mountains of the north, something old and powerful is awakening, something that could lay to waste the world of men. Men and women from all walks of life from across this world will be drawn together to try and combat this growing evil, but is it destiny drawing them together, or something far more sinister.

Why I like this book: One of the things I absolutely hate in fantasy, is when people fall into the Tolkien trap. Elves, Orcs and Goblins have become so prevalent that they frequently appear in fantasy novels for lack of any other enemies to include. So, I was overjoyed to find a ranger being chased in the woods, not by orcs or goblins, but by werewolves. Olney has gone in for Germanic and Scandinavian mythology heavily here, with werewolves, the undead, and even a lich. As if inclusion of some of my favourite folklore wasn’t enough I enjoyed the story thoroughly and felt sympathy for the main characters as they met obstacles at every turn and were always playing catch-up to the villains.

Why I like this author: Matthew Olney contacted me on LinkedIn and asked if I could review his book if he sent a review copy. I said yes straight away and tore through the book in a matter of days. The indie author reviews section, and submission section of the site, is something I want to expand and it made me really happy that someone came forward to ask for a review. Matthew was easy to work with, responding to questions and queries promptly and was very facilitating. You will find a link to his author site under the outgoing links on Eleven Media, and I hope to get a chance to work with him again in the future.

Favourite character: This slot has to go to Umbaroth. I won’t tell you much about him, but he’s one of my favourite characters, a gentle soul in a ferocious form. This is exemplified when he is playing with children in the desert, taking great care not to injure them with his claws. I haven’t read passed the first book but I really hope Umbaroth returns to the story in the future.

Why I think people should read this book: If you are after a medieval fantasy epic then you cannot go wrong choosing this book. The mythology is refreshing after a slew of orcs and goblins, the characters are a likeable bunch, and despite common fantasy tropes appearing they are used effectively by the author. The book has a lot of separate plots and points of view but each comes to a satisfying conclusion at the end of the book and none of them feel superfluous.’

Don’t forget that book 2 of the Sundered Crown Saga is available to buy now!

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