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The First Fear for just 0.99p/c

With Book 2 in the Empowered Ones out tomorrow there’s no better time to get stuck into the series!

To celebrate the launch of The Temple of Arrival, book 1 in the series The First Fear is available to purchase for just 0.99p/c until April 4th, and is FREE via Kindle Unlimited. Now is the perfect time to dive into the Empowered Ones Series. Get your copy today! (Also available in audio format.)

The Empowered Ones

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The First Fear is out TODAY!

Woo! After 2 years of work, my latest book The First Fear is now available to purchase on Amazon in both ebook and paperback.

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I learnt so much whilst working on this book and it will always have a special place in my heart as working on it got me through a particularly difficult part of my life, which thankfully is now well behind me.

I enjoyed creating the world of the Supreme and I cannot wait to see how it performs in the SPFBO competition. I really hope you will enjoy it as much as I did writing it.

As always if you do get yourself a copy please post a review on Amazon and Goodreads. Your support really does make a difference.

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I’m in SPFBO 2018

Hi everyone, just an update on how things are going.

This week sees the release of my new book The First Fear. I hope you enjoy it as much I did writing it. If you’ve not pre-ordered then don’t worry you will be able to pick it up for the special launch price of just 99p/c until the 25th of June.

I received the final version of the paperback edition and it is looking very swish. The cover looks excellent and the interior is looking good. Here’s some pictures –



The First Fear releases on June 22nd!








What’s SPFBO?

In other news I’ve submitted The First Fear into this years SPFBO contest. Last year I entered with Heir to the Sundered Crown but unfortunately didn’t progress too far. This year I have the same judge, so I’m hoping I’ve improved enough to warrant a good score!

You can read more about SPFBO at – https://mark—

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The First Fear (Excerpt)

Hi everyone. As I’ve been working away on the First Fear I thought I’d post a little sneak peek of an early part of the book to whet your appetite. Let me know what you think in the comments via social media. I hope you enjoy it.


Vavius knew things should be different. His travels across the Supreme Imperium had taken him to places that even the Supreme’s omnipotent gaze could not reach. She thought herself invincible, Vavius would prove her wrong. It hadn’t always been this way, before her rise to power the world had been free, at least that’s what the Mentors had told him. He pulled the hood of his cloak tighter about his head to hide his features. Even out here in the Western Imperium, he could not take the risk of someone recognising his face. He had waited until dusk to make his move, the exhausted slaves who had been toiling in the fields were slowly drifting off toward their compound that lay at the edge of the estate. He crouched in the shadow cast by the tall oak tree in which he was under and watched the manor house of the Baron Hesselwit.

It wasn’t long before the sun dipped below the horizon and lanterns were lit about the manor house. He narrowed his eyes; only four guards were positioned at the entrance to the walled complex. Vavius smiled. Hesselwit’s reputation for arrogance and overconfidence was well founded it seemed. He pushed off into a sprint, quickly crossing the fields and using the tall wheat for cover. The wind whistled in his ears as he ran, his eyes fixed on the manor houses outer wall. He reached the wall without being spotted and eyed the top of the stone coping. Bending his knees, he channelled his emotions, a smile crossing his lips as he harnessed the power of Joy. He jumped, clearing the ten-foot-high wall in a single bound. Switching to Anger, he felt his body strengthen. Switching emotions on the fly came easily to him after so many years of practice. He landed in a crouch, his enhanced legs absorbing the impact of the drop.

Looking around, he saw that he was now in the manor’s main courtyard. He shook his head at the baron’s slack security. If the man knew that there was an Empowered One in the area, he would surely have garrisoned an army…or worse. Swiftly, he crossed the courtyard and ducked down a flight of stairs that led to the manor’s cellar. If all went according to plan, it should have been left open for him. Voices caused him to pause and duck into the shadows. Two armoured guards ambled by, completely oblivious to Vavius’s presence.

Once they were gone, Vavius turned and tried the cellar door handle. He smiled. The latch was open. The slave he had bribed the previous night had done her job well. Carefully, he opened the door and slipped inside. The cellar was dark save for a single candle casting a flickering light. Barrels and racks of wine filled the space. A flight of wide stone steps were at the far end of the room, and he made his way towards it. He kept low to the ground, keeping his footfalls light. Above him, he could hear guards patrolling. Tilting his head, he listened. Just one was in the corridor above him. He reached the bottom of the stairs and ascended quickly. There was no door blocking the stop of the stairs. Instead, there was an open archway that led into a wide carpeted corridor.

Vavius pressed himself tightly against the cold stone wall and peeked around the archway. He had been right, just one lone and bored looking guard was doing his rounds. The man was looking at a painting hanging on the wall. From his vantage spot, Vavius could see that the image was that of a beautiful brown haired lady. ‘The Baroness no doubt,’ he thought.

Darting out from the archway, he crept up behind the distracted guard and with a sharp movement wrapped his strong arms around the oblivious man’s throat. A quiet popping noise sounded as his power enhanced limbs snapped the guard’s neck with ease. Maintaining his grip, he dragged the corpse to the archway and down into the dark depths of the cellar. Vavius blew out the candle to make it harder for any curious folks discovering the body. Once the grisly deed of hiding the body was done, he hurried back upstairs and down the corridor. Turning right, he headed towards the baron’s quarters, the time he had spent pretending to be a slave had proven invaluable, he knew the manor’s layout like the back of his hand.

Encountering no more guards, he crossed a small inner courtyard that was dominated by a bubbling stone fountain. Lavender and other sweet-smelling flowers grew in borders around the courtyard’s edge adding to the splendour of the place. Anger flashed in Vavius, men like the Baron lived in luxury while countless others lived in misery and despair. He froze and listened. For a heartbeat, he thought that he’d heard soft footsteps behind him. He waited – nothing.

Quickly, he crossed the courtyard and entered the manor houses living quarters. A red carpet lined the floors, and wooden panels decorated the walls. A tapestry emblazoned with the Hesselwit crest hung from the wall, and small statues of the Hesselwit barons stood on pedestals. The arrogance of the man was breathtaking. Vavius pressed on, finally reaching the baron’s quarters. To his surprise, the door was open. Cautiously, he crept forwards and pushed the door open with the tip of his boot.

Lying on the four-poster bed that dominated the chamber was the baron, his throat slit and his eyes bulging in a death stare. Next to him was the Baroness, a deep cut across her delicate neck. The room stank of blood. The bodies were a surprise, but the man standing over them made Vavius recoil in fear.

Tall and thin with a long narrow face and dressed all in black stood a Hollowed.

“You’ve finally arrived. We were beginning to grow impatient,” the Hollowed said in a deep emotionless voice. “Were you looking for this?” it added. In its hand was a scroll. At seeing it Vavius’s heart sank.

The tall and unnaturally thin figure turned from the bodies and looked at Vavius. Just like all Hollowed he had no eyes, just black holes where the organs once were. Vavius tensed, no one had ever fought a Hollowed and lived. He turned, trying to flee, but another eyeless figure now barred the passage behind him. He’d been followed. There was no escape. He had failed.

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Sale Alert for Heir to the Sundered Crown!

From May 20th to May 28th the Ebook version of Heir to the Sundered Crown, Book 1 in the epic Sundered Crown Saga will available to buy for just 0.99p in the UK from May 20th and 0.99cents in the US from May 21st. The promotion will run for 7-days with the US sales ending on May 28th.

Delve into a #‎fantasy series that has been hailed as a cross between#‎HarryPotter and Game of Thrones, been compared to Raymond E. Feist’s “Riftwar Saga” and as the book to have renewed a person’s faith in medieval epic fantasy.

The blurb –

(Winner of Wattpad’s Write Awards 2014)

A realm torn asunder by civil war will give rise to a hero.

The Kingdom of Delfinnia is in chaos. After assassins kill the king and his family, greedy self serving men battle one another for the crown. Unknown to them is that one heir yet lives, a baby boy now hidden and protected.

In the mage city of Caldaria is a boy named Luxon. A young mage who will discover his past and his powers. For he will one day become known as the Legendary, the wizard who would break the world, the man who would embrace death and live and the hero who would give a realm its greatest king.

Sent on a quest to find the one responsible for the King’s assassination Luxon teams up with Ferran of the Blackmoor the legendary Nightblade and hunter of fell beasts, Sophia Cunning the land’s greatest witch hunter and Kaiden, a noble knight sworn to defend the world from darkness.

Together they find the answers they seek, but the truth is far worse than anyone could possibly imagine.

The Heir to the Sundered Crown is a fantasy tale that will ignite the imagination and set the stage for an epic battle
between the light and the darkness.