Wish me luck!

I have submitted the Heir to the Sundered Crown for publication to Mithras Books- http://www.mithrasbooks.com

According to the submission form it could take a good 12 weeks to hear back as to whether they are interested in taking on the book.

What I want to know is should I continue to aim for releasing HTTSC: Definitive version by the end of the month or delay until I hear word from the publishers? Your opinion is very important to me so let me know what you think with a comment either here on the facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Unconqueredseries.

As for the definitive version the new content is complete and the map is looking good. All that left to do is format it for Kindle. I’ve yet to decide on whether it will a completely new release or whether to put it as an update.

Over the coming days I’ll be posting some of extra content on the various factions and places seen in the HTTSC so fans of back story should be happy ;).