Book Sale Bonanza

Hi everyone, I just wanted to let you all know that I am holding a massive sale of most of my books throughout September and October. Included in the sale is my recently released Sci-fi novel : Terran Defenders. If you haven't got yourself a copy then check it out. To those of you that … Continue reading Book Sale Bonanza

Terran Defenders – New cover art

Hi all, just thought I would do a little post on the new cover art Rob May has created for the Terran Defenders series. As you can see below the covers and text are now consistent of each other. Don't forget to pre-order Terran Defenders! It will be available to buy on Kindle August 12th. … Continue reading Terran Defenders – New cover art

Dragons & Heroes

The Firebound bundle has a new name and a new cover! Get your copy today Four thrilling fantasy epics. Four new worlds of adventure. Discover all of Firebound's writers in this specially priced introductory collection. Each book is the beginning of a fantastic new series. Which one will you follow to the end? DRAGON KILLER … Continue reading Dragons & Heroes

War for the Sundered Crown Available to Buy on Kindle Now!

Today is the day, book 2 in the Sundered Crown Saga, War for the Sundered Crown is now available to buy on Kindle! Here's the synopsis - 'Five years has passed since the battle of Eclin, but peace in the Kingdom of Delfinnia remains elusive. Fell Beasts terrorise the countryside, dragons attack the Westerlands and … Continue reading War for the Sundered Crown Available to Buy on Kindle Now!

The Firebound Fantasy Bundle Four epic adventures begin! Firebound Books present the opening volumes of four incredible fantasy series. Hours of battle and adventure lie ahead, in fantastic worlds you’ll never want to leave. DRAGON KILLER: Kalina Moonheart – adventurer, gambler and thief – makes a good living working for her patron, the wealthy senator Benedict Godsword. But … Continue reading The Firebound Fantasy Bundle