Character Profiles HTTSC Part Eight – Luxon Edioz

The boy that would become known as Luxon the Legendary, the boy who would grow up to be the first wizard seen in the world for a century.

Luxon was born in Delfinnia’s capital city of Sunguard. His father, Garrick had been a noble in the King’s court and his mother Drusilla a woman who had always been something of a mystery. His early life was spent playing in the wealthy part of the city. At a young age he excelled at academic studies and loved to learn the old tales of the land.

His mother was often away, she would disappear for long periods of time, but always she would return. Luxon was close to his father and on several occasions squired for him when he was in meetings or sent away on diplomatic missions.

Strangely for such a young man Luxon was well travelled, having accompanied his father around the kingdom and one time he had travelled to the far western city of BlackMoor with his mother to visit one of her friends.

Luxon had no inkling that magic was in him until the fateful night when the King and the royal family were assassinated. In the confusion that followed Luxon’s father was arrested by the Baron of Retbit. Garrick had told the Privy Council that he had seen a girl carrying a baby out of the city. He had helped her flee the city; knowing that the child was of royal birth; the baby was Alderlade, the Fifth in line to the throne.

Retbit seeking to take power for him-self threw Garrick in chains, branded him a liar and promptly had him executed. Luxon was powerless to save his father and he too would have been taken by the baron’s men had it not been for his mother. She snuck them out of the city and fled north. On the journey she revealed to her son a secret. Magic was in him and that he would be safe in the Mage realm of Caldaria in the north.

After a long journey, the two arrived at the city gates. Drusilla pushed a token into her son’s hand, kissed him goodbye and left him. Luxon begged her not to leave him but she pried his hands from her leg and told him to be brave. That was the last time he saw her.

After that, the mages allowed him into the city, the token showing the mages that he was one of them. He was quickly enrolled into the Mage School. With no knowledge of magic, it took him several weeks before the Masters were able to awaken Luxon’s power. It proved to be far stronger than anyone had suspected.

As the years passed, Luxon became good friends with another boy named Yepert. The two got into mischief and made an enemy of the baron of Retbit’s son, Accadus. Luxon’s rivalry with Accadus was fierce as they both tried to outdo each other.

In Heir to the Sundered Crown we meet Luxon on the eve of when he discovers his true power. A power that will change the world forever.

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