Writing Quest Part 12 – Music to Inspire

This week I’ve mostly been focusing on a chapter that focuses on the return of a character that is one of my personal favourites. Progress has been a bit slow due to other commitments and inspiration was flagging slightly (the curse of all writers).

To remedy this I went on the search for some music that would get my brain firing and my imagination kicking back into high gear. Below is just a few of the tracks I found that have given me back that desire to write.

Many writers say that they need perfect quiet before they can write, not me. I tend to work best with a set of headphones on blasting out epic music. Why epic music? To me this genre of music is perfect for writing fantasy or sci-fi to. It stirs up emotions and the music allows my brain to conjure up scenes. The pacing of music also helps me with the pacing of my writing. A serene piece of music often helps when writing scenes and chapters focusing on calm periods in the story whereas a fast paced piece helps with action and battle scenes.

Writing fantasy requires me to visualise what I want to put down onto a page. All those horrible monster and massive battles have been played out liked movies in my head before I start writing. In some ways being a writer is like being a movie maker albeit one that doesn’t produce film and puts those images into words. It’s tough to explain to a non-writer.

Also, don’t forget that Heir to the Sundered Crown is on sale until the end of this week! If you’ve not yet delved into the world of the Sundered Crown Saga now is a great time to do so.

Anyhow here’s just a few of the tracks I’ve been listening to this week –




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Music to write wars to

Music to write wars to

I love writing battle scenes and one of the main reasons for that is the way in which I get into the mindset to do so. As with anything that requires energy and urgency a writer needs to psyche themselves up before plunging into the heart of battle.

At the moment I’m working on a huge battle scene for War for the Sundered Crown and I have found that listening to music is the best way to get into it. A battle needs to excite the reader, put them onto the edge of their seat. Will their favourite characters make it out alive? Will they emerge the same people that they once were?

Planning such scenes is a lot of work in itself, especially if the battle in question is on a grand scale. Tens of thousands of combatants need a lot of direction if the scene is to make any sense and progress the main plot of the story. Strategies and tactics need to be considered as well as what are both sides trying to achieve?

To get into the mood for this battle and the grander war to come I’ve been listening to a few groups and tracks. The best genre of music for this sort of thing is definitely the epic genre, groups like the fantastic Two Steps from Hell and Audiomachine are fantastic at getting my imagination rocking.

Here’s a few of the best tracks I’ve discovered:

Do you have any other suggestions for awesome music to write to? Let me know via the comments.


Nano Wrimo – Music to Inspire

This year I will be taking part in NanoWrimo the national novel writing month and will be using it as a way to get me to finish the first draft of the sequel to Heir to the Sundered Crown.

I have entered Nano a few times now and actually was a winner back in 2012 with Unconquered: Blood of Kings. The month is a fantastic way to force me to get my thoughts down on to the page and is something that greatly increases the whole novel writing process.

In the run up to the start of November, I will write a few posts to help me and other writers taking part to get into the spirit.

This first post is about what gets me through the writing process in the hectic month of NanoWrimo. Many of the other authors I have spoken too over the years have said that they often listen to music to keep them inspired and I am no exception to this. I find music to be a great way to keep me focused and allow my imagination to be set free.

A lot of the biggest and most epic scenes in Heir to the Sundered Crown for example were inspired by the music of Two Steps From Hell, a group that make in my opinion some of the best epic music around.

Fast-paced tracks really help get into the rhythm of fight and battle scenes whilst more relaxing and uplifting tunes often help with the more peaceful parts of the story. A character trekking cross-country can be greatly enhanced by the inspiration offered by music.

Some authors like to listen to classical music like Beethoven and other musical masters whilst a rare few love listening t things ranging from pop to heavy metal.
When writing Fantasy or Science Fiction however, I find that the music offered by the Epic genre are by far the most inspiring. Groups such as Audiomachine, TSFH and Thunderstep Music offer music you would find in movie trailers but all are masters of epic uplifting sound.

For this year’s Nano I have already selected a few Youtube channels that I will be using.

Here is the list below;

What tracks do you use to inspire you when writing? On the other hand, perhaps you need complete silence let me know via the comments section or through Facebook or Twitter.