NEW RELEASE – The Empowered Ones Boxset

Hello I hope you’re doing well. Today I have something special to announce, a new book release!

The Empowered Ones boxset includes both books in the series as well as the short companion book and it’s price is actually cheaper than if you buy the books separately. Check out the synopsis of both books below. If the demand is there I will also make it available in paperback and hardback. Let me know if you want physical editions!

—Get the first two books of the action packed fantasy adventure in the Empowered Ones series boxset!

In this world Emotions grant incredible powers.

The Supreme rules the world.

For years, the people of her Imperium have lived in fear. Dreams of freedom are long dead for most. Those that could challenge her are in hiding.

Yet hope remains. Following an incident, Elian, a young man living at the edge of the Imperium, discovers he possesses powers with devastating consequences for both himself and the people he loves.

Forced to flee from the Supreme’s most deadly agent, Elian encounters a ragtag band of resistance fighters and a group of powerful rebels led by a charismatic leader, who believes that the key to overthrowing the Supreme lies in the ancient ruins of the once mighty Kingdom of Aeranyth.

Can Elian survive long enough to develop his newfound abilities and help the rebels turn the tide against the Supreme? Or will he die trying?

The Temple of Arrival


The Liberators defiant stand at the city of Asta has sparked the fires of resistance in the downtrodden people. Slaves, serfs and even members of the aristocracy have risen against the regime and flock to the Liberator banner.

As conflict spreads across the world, the Supreme’s gaze is fixated on Elian more than ever. Reeling from his mentor’s betrayal and battle with the First Fear he is hunted relentlessly by Hollowed and Venerable Chamber Seekers.

The only person who can help Elian is a mysterious Empowered One–who he’s not even sure he can trust. Terrible secrets await. Secrets about himself. Secrets that could herald the end of all things.

Temple of Arrival is the second book in the exciting Empowered Ones fantasy series. If you like action, sprawling battlefields, and power enhanced heroes, then you’ll love this series.

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Sundered Crown Book 3 Announcement!

Hi everyone, today I am pleased to announce that book 3 of the Sundered Crown Saga is in the works.

The current working title is: Quest for the Sundered Crown

I’ll be posting about the writing process every week and will keep you all updated with the latest progress. Oh, and as an extra treat here’s the planned cover 😉 The ETA for a release is near the end of this year.


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