The 2019 Summer Sale Begins!

It’s that time of the year where many of us are on or looking to embark on our summer holidays and as per usual I’m holding a sale so you’ve got plenty to read whilst away!

The sale starts August 2nd where Heir to the Sundered Crown will be available for FREE until August 6th. –


Hopefully you’ll enjoy that title and want the next book series so that’s why War for the Sundered Crown will available for just 0.99/c from August 7th to August

Book 3 in the Sundered Crown Saga will then be on sale for just 0.99/c from the 15th to the

And last but not least the Sundered Crown Boxset that includes all of the above and The Nightblade will be available to buy for 0.99p/c from August 23rd to the 30th. –


I hope you all have a great summer! I for one will be working away on works in progress and I hope to be able to share some new adventures with you all soon!

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The New Look Sundered Crown Saga

The New Look Sundered Crown Saga

Hi everyone!

I’ve been hard at work on book 3 of the Sundered Crown Saga and am pleased to announce the all new look for the series. These new covers will be for both E-book and paperback editions of the books.


As well as the new look I will soon be announcing the release of The Sundered Crown Saga 1-3 Box set which will be available to purchase on Amazon in August.

Pre-order Quest for the Sundered Crown

You can pre-order Quest for the Sundered Crown from Amazon now –

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In other news, my Facebook author page finally hit the 2,000 follower mark, a big thank you to those of you who have supported the page.
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Writing Quest Part 9 – Nightblades and Piracy

It’s week 9! This week I’ve spent most of my writing time cracking on with trying to finish my other work in progress, The Nightblade. I’m about halfway the book at the moment and aiming for a late summer release. This story is about Ferran of BlackMoor and covers his backstory as well as covering the events leading up to the events that take place at the start of Heir to the Sundered Crown.

Here’s a sneaky peak-

The small boy hummed to himself as he walked across the field. He enjoyed the way the long grass tickled his bare feet and the softness of the earth. He had been walking most of the day, but thanks to the vitality provided by youth he did not yet feel tired. The view from the field was beautiful. Being located in the foothills that surrounded the small town of Midlake it offered the lad panoramic views of the shimmering waters of the three great lakes. Behind him were the dark ominous trees that marked the borders of the Fell forest.

Nearby he could hear the bells of the cows that he was tasked of keeping a watchful eye on. The animals happily munched their way across the field and their odour carried on the gentle breeze which was rolling off of the distant lakes. The day was hot and sunny. Insects flitted to and fro and the sounds of birds filled the air. All in all the day was perfect.

The boy was just eight summers old and wore the clothes of a Sheppard. His loose white tunic was offset by a pair of scruffy grey trousers and on his head he wore a straw hat that was slightly too small for his head. He leaned down and picked one of the pretty blue wildflowers that grew at the edge of the fields. He placed it gently into the small pouch tied haphazardly to his waist. Looking inside the pouch he was happy to see that he had now collected quite a nice variety of flowers, his mother would be delighted with them.

A noise like something moving quickly through the undergrowth caused him to look up. He tilted his head to listen…there it was again, only this time it came from behind him. The hair on the back of the lad’s neck began to stand on end, something wasn’t right. It was at that moment that the boy realised that he had wandered further away from the town than he had ever done previously. A sense of panic began to fill him. His mother had always told him to go no further than the third field over from the edge of town. He was in the fourth!

The cows began to moo and stamp their feet. The boy could see that many of the herd had begun to move back towards the town, as if some instinct told them that they should not be so far from it. The animals grouped together, their sounds of distress growing more frantic. All fears forgotten the boy ran towards them, he couldn’t allow the herd to stampede, if he did and they caused damage to famer Wolds fields he would be in for a world of hurt.

The sound of something moving through the undergrowth came again, only this time louder. The boy slowed. Suddenly it had grown cold, so cold that goose bumps had formed upon his skin. A strange white mist began to flow from the trees that bordered the field like water in a river. Soon the mist had overtaken the boy and the panicking cows. It grew thicker and thicker until the lad could not even see his own hand held in front of his face. His breath now came in clouds of steam as its warmth reacted to the now icy cold air. The fear returned like a worm knotting in his guts.

The cows began to make horrible noises, and the lad swore that he heard what sounded like something eating loudly. He ran towards the noise, the mist hiding the horrors ahead. He slipped on something sticky and with a cry crashed to the ground. He used his hands to right himself but they too now felt sticky. He held them up to his face and screamed. They were covered in blood. He looked down, so were his feet and so was the ground all around him.

As quickly as it had come the mist began to dissipate. The boy was breathing rapidly, terror in his heart. He watched the mist retreat back across the field and back into the tree line from whence it had come. He stifled a scream. Something was moving in the mist, something tall and cloaked. It vanished back into the forest. The mist cleared to reveal the cows, or rather what was left of them.

Each of the beasts had been devoured so that only their bones were left. The grass around them was painted red with their blood.

The boy screamed.

Also, this week I’ve discovered that the issue of piracy has become a bit of a problem. Whilst doing a Google search for War for the Sundered Crown I came across a number of websites that offered free downloads of the book. This issue is serious for all indy writers, how many copies of indy author books have been basically stolen? How much money have indy authors been cheated out of?

I’m going to look further into this issue over the next few weeks. If you know of a way to get your books removed from these sites please get in touch. I’m  annoyed at Amazon for not taking more action to combat this issue.

The epic Sundered Crown Saga is available on kindle and paperback now!
Heir to the Sundered Crown (Book 1) –
War for the Sundered Crown (Book 2) –
Paperback editions –
Heir to the Sundered Crown
War for the Sundered Crown

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Writing Quest Part 6 – Lore, Magic and Dragons

So, my week off is coming to an end already (sad times), but the good news is that I’ve managed to get a good few thousand words written for Quest. These past few days have been great for recharging the old batteries and getting me back into the writing zone.

The first draft chapters finished so far are the prologue, the opening chapter which gets the book off to a pretty epic start (think a mahoosive battle), chapter 2 focuses on the knight Kaiden and his plans and chapter 3 is about Luxon. I’m aiming to make this book as long as Heir and introduce a lot more lore and magic into the story. A popular request has been for more dragon action, fear not for I will not disappoint.

As a treat here’s the first draft for the prologue –


The fisherman was nervous. The seasons were turning and soon it would be impossible for him to take his little boat so far out to sea. This latest trip had lasted longer than he had anticipated, already the waves were growing in size.

“We should have turned back weeks ago Oaki,” said the fisherman’s wife.

Her name was Ruti and always accompanied him on his trips out on the Boundless Sea, the Sea that lay to the west of Delfinnia and their homeport of BlackMoor. The Cod season was nearly over as the cold of winter began to affect the waters temperature, Oaki had hoped that by sailing so far out that they would be able to make one last catch that would provide them enough coin to sit out the winter in comfort. Now, as the clouds grew darker, he was beginning to regret his decision. The gravitational pull of the two moons that orbited Esperia would soon be at its strongest and when that happened the seas would become un-sailable until the spring.

“I know woman, I know,” Oaki muttered under his breath.

His wife was always right.

He pulled in the nets that he put over the side the previous night. The wind up winch that he had built onto the boats aft began to whir as he turned the wheel. The net began to rise from the Boundless Seas murky depths with little resistance. Another empty net. Oaki swore loudly and kicked the deck in frustration.

At this rate, they would be forced to work the land for that bastard landlord Edgar if they were to earn enough. The fat landlord was the bane of Oaki’s life, the man worked his people like slaves and often made them work in horrid conditions. Oaki had lost two of the fingers on his left hand from frostbite after Edgar had made him work outside at the height of winter.
As her husband began to rant and rave at their ill luck Ruti was watching the horizon.
“Where are we Oaki?” she asked, confusion in her voice.

“How the bugger should I know? We’re in the middle of the Ocean according to the charts. Ah, sod it, not a single fish!” Oaki wailed.

Ruti scowled at her oaf of a husband.

“There’s land over there,” she said.

Oaki looked up from the nets and was about to tell his wife off for being so stupid when he too spotted the landmass in the distance. A sense of panic filled him upon seeing it. Throwing the net down he hurried over to the rudder and yelled at Ruti to set the sail.

“What’s the matter? You look as though you’ve seen a ghost?” Ruti cried.

“We’ve drifted well off course you daft bat. That land is Vucrar, it’s the land of the dragons!”

Oaki had been told tales of the mysterious island ever since the dragons returned to the world and none of them tended to end well for the fishermen. He set the boat on a course away from the island before hurrying to help his wife with the sails. As they pulled on the ropes to set the mainsail a roar pierced the air.

In the sky and amongst the clouds a massive black shape moved. Oaki and Ruti held their breathes. The sound of huge leathery wings flapping carried clearly above the noise of the lapping sea and rattling of the rigging.

They watched cowering in fright, as more and more dark shapes flew through the clouds. The sound of giant wings flapping grew deafening. Oaki looked at his wife wide-eyed.

“There must be hundreds of them,” he whispered.

“Where are they all going?” Ruti asked as she clung to her husband.

“East. By Niveren, they’re heading east to Delfinnia. An army of dragons!”

A roar came from overhead. A dragon had broken through the clouds, it was diving towards them.

“We’ve been spotted! Hurry Ruti we have to move” Oaki shouted in panic.

The mighty beast had tucked its wings flat against its flanks as it dropped like a stone from the sky. As it got closer, the dragon opened its massive mouth. Fire spewed down towards the little boat.

Ruti screamed.

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Monsters, Guilds and Beasts Part 1 – Fell Beasts of the Void

This series of blog posts will focus on the various creatures, heroes and guilds that inhabit the world of Esperia and in particular the Kingdom of Delfinnia. This first section will focus on the Fell Beasts of the void.

What are Fell Beasts?

‘Fell Beasts are the scourge of this world. Made by a mad god and unleashed by a foolish mage, no other plague has slain so many and brought so much pain to the realms of men’ – Ferran of BlackMoor, Nightblade.

The Fell Beasts were created before man. A war between gods ended in a stalemate. In order to break the impasse the gods made a wager. Whoever could create the strongest creature would be declared the winner. The god of balance and order created men, beings strong and gifted with magic. The mad god Vectrix, however created the Void and the Fell Beasts. The creatures were imbued with Vectrix’s powers, a power that the mages call void magic.

Mankind waged war upon the beasts until finally they achieved victory and the god of balance banished Vectrix and his abominations into the void.

Only two men were left by the war’s end. Niveren and his brother, Danon. As thanks for their heroism the gods gifted Niveren and Danon with wives and created more people for them to share the world with.

Centuries passed and mankind began to forget the tales of old. A mage whose name was lost to history, accidentally opened up a portal, a portal to the void. Fell beasts swarmed through the breach and as more flooded into reality the barriers between the real world and the void fractured. To counter the threat the kingdoms of mankind united to battle the threat. Millions perished and all hope seemed lost until monster hunters skilled with magic entered the fray. With the Nightblades at their side the armies of men culled the Fell Beasts numbers enough to allow the wizard Aljeron to seal the breach. Despite his best efforts however the damage was done and Fell Beasts still slip into the real world from time to time.

Types of Fell Beasts

Fell Beasts come in different shapes and sizes but one thing they all have in common is their lust for human flesh. Normal weaponry cannot slay a Fell Beast, only weapons made of silver, pure metals or magic can do so. A typical King’s Legion soldier is equipped with both steel and silver weaponry. The Nightblades weapon of choice, the Tourmaline blade is perfect for the task. Such weapons are made of pure magical energy powered by the tourmaline crystals affixed to the hilt and summoned to life by the magic of the Nightblade.



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Small goblin like creatures that are covered in brown razor sharp fur. Their eyes are bulbous and yellow and their mouths are filled with dagger like teeth. Their small size means that they are not much of a threat on their own but Pucks very rarely hunt alone. Puck packs can number from a dozen to thousands. If a pack descends upon a village or undefended town then it will leave no-one alive.



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Perhaps the most feared of all Fell Beasts is the Banshee. These haunting beasts are more comprised of magic then flesh. They often haunt the moorlands, marshes and woods of the world, praying on any unwary travellers that stray into their hunting grounds. Their most distinguishable feature is their scream which paralyses its prey. Instead of eating their prey, a Banshee instead will absorb the energy from its victim. Banshees also have the ability to turn its prey into another Banshee.

‘You can always tell when a Banshee is near. The air grows icy cold and the hairs on your neck stand on end…then comes the scream’ – Sophia Cunning, Witch Hunter.




Goblins are perhaps the most common of the Fell Beasts and the ones most similar to men. They are quite intelligent and have the ability to craft crude weaponry and perform complex strategies. When fighting Goblins, Legion commanders have compared them to battling human foes. Goblins live deep underground, rising to the surface only to hunt at night. Finding goblin lairs is the primary job of the Nightblades. The most powerful of goblin kind are the Redcaps, these goblins wear caps coated with human blood and appear to act as the leaders of goblin clans.


monster_iv_by_tenmoom-d4hg9c8 (1)

Image –

These behemoths are thankfully incredibly rare. The size of a castle and with hides like iron these creatures have dealt untold devastation to cities across the world of Esperia. In appearance they look like massive four legged horned beasts with cavernous mouths full of thousands of needle like teeth. The last to have appeared in Delfinnia was three hundred years ago and was responsible for almost destroying the city of BlackMoor. Whole armies have gone against them only to be consumed. In the Magic Wars it was said that the dark mages used these creatures to assault enemy fortresses.



Image –

The ultimate killing machines. These foul creatures are bi-peds that stand taller than a man. They are hideous to behold with features straight out of a nightmare. As well as their deadly jaws the Negrist have razor blades instead of arms and are covered in poisonous hairs. They are also gifted with powerful void magic’s which enable them to blend in with their surroundings and resist magic’s used against them by mages or Nightblades.



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Dragons are not true Fell beasts but instead victims of a great betrayal at the dawn of time. Legends say that the mighty creatures were the first to have been made by the first Goddess Aniron. They were gifted with immense magical power and knowledge and defended the world of their creator. Their dominance was short-lived however as Vectrix, jealous of Aniron’s love for them banished them to the void. Due to their immortality it is said that the dragons still live and are biding their time to escape their prison.

Part 2 will focus on the various guilds that inhabit the world of Esperia.

Terran Defenders Inbound & Updates!

On May 29th Terran Defenders: Genesis will be released. The book is currently available to pre-order on Amazon now at the following links

US link –

UK Link –

If you like  science fiction and adventure it will be right up your street!

Here’s the synopsis –

The year is 2012, the Mayan Prophecy has come to pass.

2012 is coming to an end with fears and hopes over the Mayan prophecy dominating the headlines. Many dismissed it as nonsense but the entire world will be stunned to discover that the prophecy is real and it holds a dire warning from beyond the stars.

On the 21st December 2012 the Earth was contacted by a mysterious alien race. What’s stranger is that there is not one, but two alien vessels speeding towards the planet. Can the pleas for aid be trusted?

Join Moses Jameson, and his team, as they race against time to unravel the ancient mysteries raised by the aliens arrival. It is a mystery that the potential of not just endangering Earth, but the entire galaxy.

Terran Defenders: Genesis is the first novel set in a world where mankind was contacted by visitors from other worlds. Do they come in peace? Or do they herald the beginning of mankind’s destruction?

Heir to the Sundered Crown Update Imminent!

Heir to the Sundered Crown will be updated over the coming week for kindle and paperback. It has been given a thorough edit by editor and fellow author Rob May, so any niggles left in it will have been removed and parts will have been improved upon. As well as that, I will be getting the novel ready for hardback edition.

War for the Sundered Crown

The first draft is coming along and I am still on course to get the book out by the end of this year. I’ll keep you posted as the story comes closer to completion.

Character Profile – Faramond Keenblade


The second son of King Thoris of the Keenblade tribe, Faramond had little prospect of becoming the leader of his people.

From childhood he was trained in the ways of his people. Archery, horsemanship and the ways of the sword became second nature to him just as it was to the other warriors of the Great Plains.

The tribes of the plains often clashed with each other and on the rare occasions that they set aside their differences they would fight the armies of Delfinnia. At the age of just 10 Faramond rode with his father and brother in the vanguard of his people against the Delfinnian fortress known as the Watchers.

For centuries the tribes experienced a mixed relationship with the Kingdom of Delfinnia. At times the tribes had fought in the Delfinnian armies as mercenaries, whilst in others they waged war upon them. The wars against the realm often came in times of famine or desperation for the tribal people. Knowing this, the Delfinnian Kings would pay off the tribes with food and gold, and once again the tribes would return to their nomadic way of life.

At the age of sixteen the Yundols invaded Delfinnia. With the situation growing desperate in the East the king of Delfinnia begged the tribes for aid against the foreign attackers. After a long meeting of the tribal kings it was decided that the tribes would ride to their foes aid. In return they demanded that Delfinnia reclaim a city at the far western edge of the plains. The city known as Stormglade.

It had once been place for the tribes to gather in safety in times of famine or war. Now however it was in the hands of the self proclaimed Merchant Kings, men formerly of the King’s legion who had deserted and sought to carve out a realm for themselves. For decades the city had been a thorn in the side of the tribes.

For the first time since the days of Marcus the Mighty the Watchers threw open its gates and allowed the tribal horde to pass through freely.

Faramond and his elder brother Rafin led the Keenblade tribe into battle and at the battle of the Marble Shore the skill of the tribal horse archers won Delfinnia a great victory. The war raged on for years and by its end Rafin was dead and Faramond very much changed.

Bringing the body of his brother home, Faramond had to watch as his father went mad from greif. With their King broken it was up to the only surviving heir to step up to the challenge of leadership.

Delfinnia kept its word and built the city the tribes had requested but that was as far as the realms gratitude ended. The heavy gates of the Watchers were sealed shut yet again and the tribes left to wander and brave the many perils of the Great Plains. As for reclaiming Stormglade, Delfinnia broke its promise.

Shortly after the war against the Yundols, the tribes were hit by famine and war. Faramond took the title of heir and soon proved himself a skilled leader of men. The Keenblade people survived because of his leadership.

Now his people face a new threat. One that has come from across the sea. Strange ships have landed on the coast and the city of Stormglade has fallen into darkness. Tales of wicked magic’s being practised behind its gates have caused some to believe that the dark one, Danon took refuge there after his defeat at Eclin.

The tribes are fearful and on the move, as this strange evil hunts them across the vastness of the plains. Knowing that his people are in deadly peril Faramond led his people East to the fortress of the Watchers in a desperate attempt to find them safety. It is there that we will first meet Faramond in Asphodel: Book Two in the Sundered Crown Saga.

Faramond is brave beyond measure but has a temper that has often led to him getting fights, luckily his martial skills have kept him alive…so far.

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