The Lake District- A Land of Fantasy

Hi folks, I’ve just got back from a few days away to the Lake District, which is in Cumbria. I’ve been there a few times over the years but this was the wife’s first visit and as it was her 30th birthday we wanted to do something special for it. We stayed at a cozy little inn just south of Lake Windemere and travelled across the district taking in the sites including an ancient stone circle. The hills and lakes evoke a sense of fantasy that is similar to the stunning landscapes seen in the LOTR movies.
As I looked out across Derwent Water I couldn’t help but think of the legends of King Arthur and Avalon. If you want inspiration, then this is the place to get it. I’ve a few pictures below for you to enjoy.
Now that we’re back in Worcester I’ll be cracking on with the Empowered Ones Book 2 and I’ve finished the outline for Sundered Crown book 4.

Happy Reading!

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