An epic historical fiction series!

Unconquered begins in the year 1065, a year of great turmoil in England. With King Edward the Confessor’s strength waning, men of power are watching and waiting for their chance to seize the childless king’s throne for themselves.

Osfrid Hunweldsen is a thane from the north, a man loyal to the crown, but also a man torn. Tostig Godwinson rules the region with an iron fist and rebellion is in the air. When the rebellion begins, Osfrid is forced to choose a side. Does he stay loyal to Tostig or join with the other rebel thanes seeking to rid the north of the tyrant for good?

The Unconquered series follows the events of this tumultuous period, from the great battles of Stamford Bridge and Hastings to the aftermath of the Norman Conquest.  Osfrid’s quest to keep his family safe will see him travel to Scandinavia, and journey across Dark Age Europe to the mightiest city of the age itself, Constantinople.