The First Fear Audiobook

Hi everyone, just letting you know that the audiobook version of The First Fear will be available to purchase very soon! I'll post an update once I get the firm release date from ACX. For now though here's a sneak peak  - Follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, oh and please subscribe to my mailing list for the latest … Continue reading The First Fear Audiobook


Tips for Indy Authors part 1: Planning

Hi everyone, I was working on my latest book and being distracted by social media (Damn you Facebook!) when I realised that there are so many writers out there that don’t have a clue how about getting their work out there. In this new series of blog posts, I’ll be covering some of the basics. … Continue reading Tips for Indy Authors part 1: Planning

Brandon Barr: Father, husband, friend, author. #BrandonsBuddies

Hi everyone, as I've mentioned in a previous newsletter and via my social media channels the fantasy community has come together to help a fellow author who is living their final days with terminal leukemia. The outpouring of support to Brandon has been fantastic and I am doing my part by reaching out to all of … Continue reading Brandon Barr: Father, husband, friend, author. #BrandonsBuddies

What to do for NanoWriMo 2018?

So, it’s nearly that time of year again when writers both professional and amateur start to think about what they’re going to write for National Novel Writing Month. What is NanoWriMo? National Novel Writing Month is an annual, Internet-based creative writing project that takes place during the month of November. Participants attempt to write a … Continue reading What to do for NanoWriMo 2018?